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LuraTech software products and solutions for outstanding document conversion with optical character recognition, production software for scan service providers and long-term archiving in PDF/A format.

  • Document conversion and processing

    The LuraTech PDF Compressor is a highly mature business application for compressing scanned documents and converting them to PDF and PDF/A for long-term archiving. After OCR (text recognition), the fully structured data is ready for everyday business use.

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  • Document conversion platform for business-wide use

    The LuraTech Rendition Server allows you to centrally run, monitor and manage all conversion processes. Standardized PDF and PDF/A conversion processes become available to the entire IT landscape, from servers to desktop and mobile devices, thanks to the platform’s universal web service interface. This consolidated platform, designed for massive-scale parallel processing of peak loads, increases cost-effectiveness while also making it easier to adhere to compliance rules and maintain a standard corporate identity.

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  • Centralized production management for scan service providers and mailrooms

    LuraTech DocYard is the first real production software solution for scan service providers and business mailrooms. Designed as an integration platform, it integrates every step of production into simple configurable workflows to meet each project’s needs. It controls your processes, makes them centrally manageable and increases your profitability.

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  • White Paper:
    Enterprise PDF Rendition

  • The right approach to business-wide PDF generation

    Businesses often use a wide range of tools to convert files to PDF format or to create PDF files. But few have a clear picture of which solutions are installed in which department – or even at which individual employees’ workstations.

    This white paper describes an approach to PDF creation which standardizes quality levels and adheres to all relevant compliance guidelines.


    • The status quo in businesses and institutions
    • Enterprise rendition – what is it?
    • The solution: LuraTech Rendition Server
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  • Create high-quality PDFs across your entire business:
    The LuraTech Rendition Server

  • It’s the central platform for business-wide conversion of documents to PDF and PDF/A: The LuraTech Rendition Server perfectly combines what used to be scattered, isolated document conversion solutions.

    The Rendition Server builds upon LuraTech’s world-renowned conversion and compression functions thanks to its:

    • Scalability: As demand rises, you can easily add capacity (additional hardware) to the server array.
    • Stability: Uniform parallel processing pipelines on multiple servers deliver maximum reliability
    • Expandability: A plugin interface lets you integrate independent and in-house converters into the PDF conversion workflow.

    The LuraTech Rendition Server is a platform that can intelligently distribute unanticipated high workloads and jobs of varying priority across multiple servers.

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  • Careers and  job opportunities at LuraTech
  • Together as a team – career opportunities!

    Currently open jobs with LuraTech:

    • Internship with focus on Software Development (m/f)

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