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Data compression / imaging with JPEG 2000

  • Overview

    • LuraTech’s imaging software uses the JPEG 2000 image compression standard. As this format offers significantly more options than pure compression alone, its primary potential applications are in digital imaging applications such as digital archives, document management and medical imaging systems.

      • Imaging and image compression into JPEG2000 standard format

        For LuraTech, image compression with the JPEG 2000 standard means more than just the best compression level. It also means intelligent access.

    • JPEG 2000 has become an established format in a number of different fields and is often used for specialist applications.

      The PDF format has supported JPEG 2000 and JBIG2 since PDF 1.5. That means newer PDF versions can also use them, as can PDF/A.

      PDF tool developers must support both reading and writing of these standards. As a rule, developing these codecs in-house is not a financially viable option, which is why many LuraTech customers have integrated JPEG 2000 and JBIG2 into their PDF tools.

      JPEG 2000 is often used in applications where bandwidth is limited and lines are unstable. Practical examples here include speed-monitoring devices in Norway, ship-to-shore satellite-based image transfer, and military applications.

      JPEG 2000 is recommended for archives and libraries aiming to create a so-called “digital original” when digitizing historic or valuable documents and books. JPEG 2000 offers a lossless option for these occasions.

      JPEG 2000 is the standard for image creation and processing systems in the medical sector, such as x-ray images. JPEG 2000 meets several specialist requirements here, including a high bit depth.

      In biometric applications (measuring the human body), many applications take advantage of the technical benefits that come with JPEG 2000. For example, all new passports issued by the Federal Republic of Germany come with a LuraTech JPEG 2000 image of the passport holder.

      Other industries which use JPEG 2000 widely include geographical applications for aerial and satellite images, and digital cinemas.

      For multi-layered imaging tasks
      Developers use LuraTech imaging software when their imaging solution needs become multi-layered. Our leading LuraTech JPEG 2000 implementation delivers compression with an exceptional balance between image quality, compression ratio and performance.

      Optimal data usage
      In order to optimize data usage, our imaging software solutions are able to hold images ready for use and to access them intelligently.

  • Perfect industry knowledge
    You’ll find an expert team here at LuraTech. Based on our years of experience working closely with all kinds of businesses, institutions and organizations, you can be confident in us as a partner and a technology supplier for sophisticated, high-performance production solutions.

    Standard format
    JPEG 2000 is an ISO-compliant standard, making it interoperable and developer-independent.

    Development team / Service
    LuraTech offers highly competent, reliable service for all solutions, including operation, integration with existing environments, customization and system architecture planning.

    Optimal compression
    LuraTech JPEG 2000 solutions provide an exceptional balance between compression ratio, image quality and performance, making for the best compression level on the market. The target compression ratio depends on two factors: the type of file to be processed (TIFF or pre-compressed JPG) and whether a lossless or lossy output document is required.

    Thousands of running installations
    Our mature solutions have been in use for years in thousands of applications. Our customers quickly and economically process up to several million pages/documents every year. 

    Top references
    Our customers include top companies in all kinds of industries with a huge range of document and data conversion and compression requirements. View references.

    Fast installation
    Our software turns complex challenges into simple solutions. That means not just ease of use, but also the minimal time and effort required to install our systems and to integrate them into workflows.

    Fast ROI
    LuraTech’s solutions pay for themselves fast. The return on investment often begins with the first finished contract or is completed within a year of the purchase. We can gladly provide examples of this on request.

    Top support
    LuraTech deliberately does without a call center. Support is more than just a word for us. It means real assistance: competent answers to your questions, problems and challenges. That’s why our customers can rely on direct contact with our development team.