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Industry solutions for scan service providers

  • Overview

    • Overview

      As a specialist provider of professional document and data conversion solutions, scan service providers are some of our most regular customers.

      We have been a significant part of leading international scan service providers’ production for years, and our long-term bestseller the LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise – the central business solution for converting documents and data to PDF/A – has proven that complex processes can be visually represented in easy-to-use software. And that complex production processes can go online within hours, without significant setup work, and with a rapid return on investment.

      • Process management for the entire scanning service chain with DocYard

        LuraTech DocYard provides total process management for the complete service chain for scanning companies. We developed this production and integration platform especially for scan service providers. 

    • DocYard is the first software product of its kind that can seamlessly integrate all your many different automatic and manual process steps into a single workflow. Naturally, the software also provides scan service provider-oriented production reporting and data for production planning. And all of this whether performing digital tasks or handling paper. This means that for the first time, all these ever-variable and incredibly diverse steps are now integrated into a complete process, using a single control platform. At last, an industry solution which reliably manages and automates previously manually-processed tasks.

      LuraTech is the specialist for scan service providers. We understand your job and we develop the right software to match.

      Solutions for converting documents and data to PDF/A for scan service providers:

      LuraTech DocYard
      Complete production management and integration platform, developed specially for scan service providers.

      DocYard allows you to build up a centrally-managed production environment step-by-step to process documents your way. Its modular architecture means even existing components are easy to integrate into DocYard, from where they can be centrally monitored and controlled. DocYard integrates and optimizes your existing infrastructure, after which it can be used as a single unified system. Existing systems and components are integrated and optimized in performance thanks to DocYard, making for even better value-for-money from existing investments.
      More about LuraTech DocYard

      LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise
      This professional solution for process-oriented document and data conversion and compression is easy to integrate into workflows.

      The LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise uses our mixed raster content (MRC) layer-based compression technology to significantly reduce incoming data volumes with the ISO-compliant PDF/A format, as well as offering integrated OCR technology for full text searching.
      More about the LuraTech PDF Compressor Enterprise

      Additional service
      LuraTech offers a complete package of additional plugins, tools and software development kits that you can use to integrate our first-class document compression and optimization technology into your own capture workflows and applications.

  • Perfect industry knowledge
    You’ll find an expert team here at LuraTech. Based on our years of experience working closely with scan service providers, you can be confident in us as a partner and a technology supplier for sophisticated, high-performance production solutions.

    Development team / Service
    LuraTech offers highly competent, reliable service for all solutions, including operation, integration with existing environments, customization and system architecture planning.

    Perfect compression
    With LuraTech, you can count on our award-winning mixed raster content (MRC) layer-based compression technology. It compresses high-resolution black/white, grayscale and color scanned documents, with compression ratios reaching 1:100 or better. The outstanding image quality and readability of the text are preserved, while storage costs and bandwidth requirements are drastically reduced.

    Thousands of running installations
    Our mature solutions have been in use for years in thousands of applications. Our customers quickly and cost-effectively process up to several million pages/documents every year.

    Top references
    Our customers include top companies in all kinds of industries with a huge range of document and data conversion and compression requirements. View references.

    Fast installation
    Our software turns complex challenges into simple solutions. That means not just ease of use, but also the minimal time and effort required to install our systems and to integrate them into workflows.

    Fast ROI
    LuraTech’s solutions pay for themselves fast. The return on investment often begins with the first finished contract or is completed within a year of the purchase. We can gladly provide examples of this on request.

    Top support
    LuraTech deliberately does without a call center. Support is more than just a word for us. It means real assistance: competent answers to your questions, problems and challenges. That’s why our customers can rely on direct contact with our development team.